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  • 06/12/2022

    Changes have been made to CDR-CANS. These changes are primarily related to rating items related to Autism. However, these changes impact all users. The summary of the changes are: * The Autism items moved out of Functioning Domain to Problem Presentation Domain. * Only the top three ASD Module Items are mandatory * An 'Advanced ASD Module' has more comprehensive information, and is only made available to IBHS or ABA Users * Self-Care is a new Functioning Domain item scored by everyone * Self-Care has Yes/No Specifiers to help make clear which ADLs are being addressed Reach out to us ( with any questions!

  • 02/16/2022

    We have completed the final upgrade to support the transition from Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) to Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS). This included ensuring CANS timelines were assigned the appropriate Level of Care in accordance with the new workflow changes implemented on July 1, 2020, in preparation of the new regulations. The majority of users will see no changes to their DataPool accounts or User dashboards. Please carefully review your User dashboard upon your next login and thoroughly examine the information before continuing with routine CANS management. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • 10/13/2021

    BHT Prescriptions no longer have "As Needed" option. Must specify if prescription is "School" or "Home/Community", or both.

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